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Revolutionary Technology offers experienced virtual network administration via remote management consol. Our network engineers have remote access to your network 24/7, we can instantly log in and remotely connect, control and even reboot servers, networking switches and security appliances with a keystroke and a click of the mouse.

Cloud computing is the latest computer science of hosting an organization' online services offsite on a shared high capacity resource called "the cloud". Moving to the cloud involves migrating from the typical model of physical servers and hosting and storing an organization's resources to an allocated space within a shared computing cluster.

Revolutionary Technology is a full service cloud hosting and virtualized support provider specializing in creating enterprise ready environments for web services, database, active directory, and client services.

Revolutionary Technology offers IT consulting for small businesses looking to maximize productivity through cost effective technology solutions. From setup the internet connection at your office, to building an entire workplace network from ground up, Revolutionary Technology has the skills resources and engineers to make your business more efficient while keeping up with current workplace technology.

We have worked with a variety of industries and have experience with computers, workstations, networks and servers of all types. We build custom computers, specific for your field to ensure you are efficiently able to produce more with every working hour. We retrofit antique hardware and software with new, energy efficient computer and networking systems which allow for a fast paced, high productivity workplace.

A powerful mail server is a core service in any corporation which requires fast, secure and stable email communication via a company email address. Revolutionary Technology has been building email servers for over a decade and can create cost effective solutions with secure and redundant storage and unlimited email addresses. We use industry standard email protocols and can add extra features such as encryption, webmail, shared calendars and address management services.

Revolutionary Technology offers internal messenger services for companies that need secure, private instant messaging between employees and for team collaboration. Share messages, pictures, screen sharing and chat rooms with your staff in order to promote team strength and build team collaboration skills while minimizing time from constantly checking inboxes and waiting for individual email messages.

Communication with the outside world is key to connecting with your clients and running a successful business. Revolutionary Technology can assist in setting your enterprise up with easy and efficient voice services for your office locations or call centers. We are affiliated with the largest telephone service providers in the country and have direct agreements with mainstream providers such as century link, which allow us to deliver quality services at a fraction of advertised prices.

Whether you prefer traditional hard line phone connections, or want a digital PBX VOIP system, Revolutionary Technology is available to deliver superior, cost friendly services to your company with reliable support. We build entire phone communication systems from the ground up, using enterprise hardware, connections and service to create clear and constant communication with the rest of the world.

With corporate espionage, theft and hacking at an all time high, privacy is a huge issue in today's competitive digital market. Some might say that in today's digitally run society we cannot even trust our own government. Besides a secure network, the strongest form of securing your digital privacy and intellectual property comes from strong encryption of all data services and communication methods.

Revolutionary Technology offers Enterprise level data and communication encryption services using military grade hardware and software based encryption solutions. We protect client data with advanced algorithm and strong key security platforms to ensure bit level security of all client data, intellectual property and everyday communications.

Revolutionary Technology offers enterprise technology consulting for mid-sized to large corporations which require server support, hosting and consulting. We have over a decade of support managing Windows and Linux network servers in enterprise environments around the world.

We support data center rack and cabinet solutions for companies with vast hosted networks using enterprise rack servers. Our brand knowledge goes deep and is comprised of the major brands such as HP, Dell, IBM, Supermicro, Cisco, Barracuda and many open source products. Revolutionary Technology offers hosting in high end, environmentally friendly facilities which utilize enterprise resources such as high capacity bandwidth, redundant power, and environment monitoring. Our facilities operate under strict security and come with many advantages over our competition.

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Company Portfolio

Educational Consulting & Learning Management
Educational Consulting & Learning Management
Revolutionary Technology supports local educational programs and academic societies. We are members of the Alpha Omega Epsilon Pacific North West Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.
Commerce & Logistics
Commerce & Logistics
Revolutionary Technology builds complete eCommerce platforms and business management solutions. Track and sell your inventory online and in store with a tablet friendly branded website/checkout system. provide support with a user friendly ticketing system complete with time tracking and invoicing features.
Public & Private Projects
Public & Private Projects
Revolutionary Technology recently worked with NASA to revamp the website which is now located at
Start-Up Consulting<span class="hidden-mobile">, Support & Partnering</span>
Business Consulting
Start-Up Consulting, Support & Partnering

Revolutionary Technology consults startup companies, local businesses and entrepreneurs. We focus on increasing business profits through automation of everyday services.
Revolutionary Technology develops business management portals and mobile apps that integrate cutting edge technology into the everyday workflow of your organization.

Enterprise Network Administration
Enterprise Network Administration
Revolutionary provides enterprise level support, management and administration. We support data centers and have provided contracted services for telecom centers such as The Westin Building in Seattle.
<span class="hidden-mobile">Mobile Responsive </span>Website Design
Website Design
Mobile Responsive Website Design

Revolutionary Technology develops and designs responsive websites that work on all computers and mobile devices. Our websites increase profits through traffic, via use of mobile shopping, advertising and social networking features.

Medical Technology & Practice Management
Medical Consulting
Medical Technology & Practice Management

Revolutionary Technology provides networking and business technology consulting services for medical practices, small or large clinics and hospitals. Our portfolio consists of dental, naturopathy, chiropractor, cosmetic surgery, and general practice clients and doctors offices around the state.

SEO & Local Business
Internet Marketing
SEO & Local Business
Revolutionary Technology specializes in local business marketing, SEO services, organic listings and page rank services. We use techniques such as newsletter marketing, pay per click, and search engine friendly code to increase business visibility on searches and mobile results.
Business Cards
Business Cards
Revolutionary Technology specializes in building brands for small business, corporate markets, non-profits and public campaigns.
Collaboration & Sharing
Collaboration & Sharing
Revolutionary Technology builds web based collaborative work spaces for businesses and public use. Share calendars, notes, documents, files and media with staff members and public users.

Space Age Business Services

Enterprise Networking

We sell, maintain and manage enterprise servers and networking equipment including Windows and Linux based network environments

Development Services

We develop elegant websites that work on all devices and user friendly mobile applications for all purposes.

Business Consulting

We help companies plan, purchase and implement new business infrastructures. We build solid foundations using solid tech and strategical organization.

Internet Marketing

The Gantry 5 Framework has been written from the ground out to focus on speed and performance, whether the frontend or backend.