For over a decade, Revolutionary Technology has been dedicated to managing small business computer networks as well as enterprise and large-scale server networks for companies around the world. Our experienced network engineers provide operational administration for Windows, Unix, Linux and OSX/Mac servers and computer systems. Revolutionary Technology uses the latest in endpoint and remote administration technology to ensure consistently optimized uptime for the systems in which we manage.

We are a 24 hour support and maintenance resource for companies with critical resources and urgent uptime requirements. We support high priority operations such as emergency call centers, city and governments, military, law enforcement, hospitals and have even provided support to the International Space Station for the website.

Revolutionary Technology Support

Contact Revolutionary Technology at (206) 701-9378 for emergency technology support to your location.

Revolutionary Technology is available for immediate recovery services for networking catastrophes, hardware failures and software crashes. Our engineers bring the necessary tools, knowledge and company support to the worksite, allowing a smooth supportive environment for our clients.

While our networking support staff work to calmly restore lost services and regain operational functional abilities, our tech support staff will map out your network and create a detailed evaluation of the current problems, solutions and come up with a plan to mitigate any future networking issues.

Revolutionary Technology has managed high end data center facilities which host thousands of customers at once. In a data center of server farm environment, in depth knowledge of hardware comes hand in hand with server administration. Our elite engineers are versed in bandwidth management, power consumption, fiber optics, heat management, cabinet space, server hardware replacement, cross connects, clustering and an endless wealth of knowledge related to maintaining a large-scale physical data environment.

Revolutionary Technology provides enterprise architecture design, planning and implementation services for web and technology based organizations. If you are looking to build a new network or update existing technology, Revolutionary Technology can examine and diagram your current network and align a new plan based on the technological features and capabilities which you would like to integrate into your organization.

We build robust networks from the ground up, keeping operational longevity, enterprise features, and cost effectiveness in mind while creating the most effective network possible for your company's requirements. Our networks range anywhere from the company networking closet all the way to complete data centers and server farms. Revolutionary Technology can purchase, install and setup core networking appliances, cabling, mounting equipment, servers, workstations, internet connections, hotspots and more, from start to finish. We are your one stop shop for any sized network build, contact Revolutionary Technology today for more information on getting your organization of the ground.

Enterprise network security often relies on a physical hardware device called a firewall to perform advanced network monitoring, filtering and secured access to clients and remote locations within your organization. Firewalls often combine port blocking and intrusion prevention with advanced access services such as VPN access and remote connections. Revolutionary Technology is familiar with industry standardized hardware brands such as cisco, SonicWall, Barracuda and Watchguard as well as open source solutions such as PFsense, Vyatta, IPCop Smoothwall, M0n0Wall, ClearOS and eBox.

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